Has Alabama's QB situation been a distraction to teammates?

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Alabama’s quarterback battle dominated the discussion all offseason long, and that only intensified when both signal callers were made available for interviews.

Jalen Hurts shared some strong feelings Saturday as a part of the Crimson Tide’s Media Day at Bryant-Denny Stadium, and they scattered across social media in fragments, creating quite the stir in the world of college football. But has that — as well as the quarterback situation as a whole — led to distractions for the rest of Alabama’s players? If they did, they were recently addressed.

During Tuesday interviews prior to fall camp practice No. 4, redshirt senior offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher said it was discussed among the players in what was a positive meeting.

“I just think (it brought) closure,” Pierschbacher said. “We’re all ready to move forward. It’s not about those two guys and what happens with that. We’re going to play regardless and we’re just excited to get back out on the field, be together and grow as a team and grow as a family, as well. Closer together and just getting ready for the season. I think it was a good thing.

“Get everything out on the table and just go forward, put it to the side, put it to rest and we’re just excited to be as a team together and go forward, move forward together.”

Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa will continue to compete for the Crimson Tide’s starting quarterback job in preseason camp. But their teammates said the nation’s most-discussed position battle prior to the start of the 2018 college football season has not been a distraction.

Below is what three veterans said in front of television cameras Tuesday afternoon about if it is easy to block out the noise surrounding Alabama’s quarterback situation during the preseason.

Senior running back Damien Harris

“I don’t think there’s any noise. I think the only noise that there is what the media makes it. Ultimately, it’s not really a big deal in-house. All we’re focused on is fall camp.”

Redshirt senior outside linebacker Christian Miller

“It’s easy for us because we’re locked in our opponent, but obviously right now we’re locked in on ourselves. We want to just focus on ourselves right now. Figure out who we are as a player, who we are as a team, get our identity out there, figure out who we are. We don’t let any outside distractions or anything really affect us. I don’t even think that’s even bothered anybody. We keep on rolling.”

Redshirt senior center Ross Pierschbacher

“I think they keep us so busy around here, I don’t check social media even. I mean it’s like you don’t have time to really even think about it. You’re worried about yourself, you’re worried about corrections from the practice before, install what we’re going to do this practice, meetings. There’s so much going that we don’t think about it.”

Alabama will return to the Thomas-Drew Practice Fields for Practice 4 at 2:30 p.m. CT.

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