Will County Health Department warns about synthetic cannabinoids

Regulatory Compliance Manager Armando Reyes of the Will County Health Department Behavioral Health Division says the manufacture of man-made drugs by chemists can trace all the way back to the 60s, when THC was first isolated from marijuana.

Since then, especially in recent years, the chemists, both large and small operations, always seem to be one step ahead of law enforcement.

“The laws keep changing and the chemicals keep changing,” Reyes said in a news release. “Our information shows that in just the last half-dozen years, the dynamics of the chemical breakdown in these products have adjusted to changed laws at least six times.”

Once purchased, the synthetic cannabinoids can be sprayed on dried plant materials for smoking, or used as a liquid to be vaporized in e-cigarettes or similar devices.

Although arrests have been made in response to these recent cases, arrests for sold synthetic cannabinoids that test for being illegal usually occur after someone is already hurt.

“There is no quality control here,” Reyes said in a news release.“And while marijuana and cocaine are natural products that are altered to be used as drugs, these man-made drugs are designed with the purpose of altering your mind and body.”

Just like the standard illegal drugs, one can never be certain that the purchased drug is the intended drug. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and others are often laced with dangerous ingredients to stretch out the supply or another product completely can be substituted.

For example, several years ago, victims who thought they were using heroin, ended up taking the flesh-eating drug crocodile, which was often traced to Russia.

“It is never unusual for something to be put into the street drug or synthetic drug as ‘filler,’ increasing the supply with a variety of other substances,” Will County Health Department Behavioral Health Director Dr. Joe Troiani, pictured above, said in a news release.

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