Why Insomniac is the right developer for Spider-Man

Spider-Man is coming exclusively to the PS4 soon, but is Insomniac Games the right developer for the game?

Insomniac Games is an experienced video game developer with more than 20 titles published since it’s creation. Critical aclaim and love from fans always follow a game’s release, but is that enough to do Spider-Man justice?

Let’s be honest: we all want a good Spider-Man game and it’s been a while since we had one. Now all eyes are on Insomniac’s iteration of our favourite web-slinger. As we get closer to the release date we discuss why this dream proyect is in safe hands.

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About Insomniac

Being no stranger to games, Insomniac is considered the twentieth best video game maker by IGN. With franchises like Ratchet & Clank and Spyro one thing is for certain: they can be funny, fun and imaginative. Characters on their games have their own personality and dialogue which makes them something truly unique (Just take a look at Captain Qwark from Ratchet & Clank). This is important, as it adds a whole new layer of depth and fun to the experience.

Level design always feels like it’s pulled staright from a kid’s imagination. They are able to create places you want to spend hours on, usualy exploring even the very last detail. Characters and level design are necessary to make unforgettable games and Insomniac knows how to do them both.

Other proyects like Sunset Overdrive and Resistance prove they can handle action on a rather amazing way.  The player doesn’t only feels the adrenaline and emotion of the moment; they have fun while doing it. Their creativity allows them to come up with crazy gadgets and weapons that improve the gameplay and make the experience feel different.

Insomniac’s games can be serious at times too (as Resistance proves), which is necessary while handling a complex story.

In every game the controls are intuitive and simple. This will be really useful when we take control of our favorite hero and swing from building to building, climb walls and stop every bad guy in the city.

Why does this matters for Marvel’s Spider-Man?

Characters, gameplay, maps and story are the features that make or break a game. Developers must pay close attention while creating these, and Insomniac certainly does.

Spider-Man is funny, responsible and a really good guy. He has a special personality, and so does many other characters from the Spider-Man universe. To capture their essence it’s necessary a developer that knows how to build characters from the ground up. Luckily for us Insomniac is the right one for the task.

Photo Credit: Spider-Man/Playstation in association with Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games Image Acquired from PlayStation Press Center

Gadgets have always been a really important part of Spider-Man when stopping crime (after all, Peter Parker is a tech genius). Games like Resistance and Ratchet & Clank show just how good the developer is at creating these. That can make the overall gameplay feel better, but how Spider-Man walks, swings and fights is also important. By the look of gameplay released so far, Spider-Man and his movements seem to be pulled out straight from the comics.

The world map will be benefited by Insomniac’s other open world game: Sunset Overdrive. They know what works and what doesn’t when creating an open world. New York City will be full of details, secrets, people and things to do like missions or side activities. That can make the overall game feel more alive.

Finally, the game’s story is in safe hands with a team that has written multiple games in the past. We can be sure they will honor previous Spider-Man stories while giving them their own unique twist.

The highly anticipated game is only months away, and we can be pretty sure it’ll be an incredible experience thanks to Insomniac.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be out on September 7, 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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