Weird weather is now upsetting college football in April rather than September

College football is no stranger to weather scuttling the early season schedule. Every time a hurricane threatens the South, games get either cancelled or outright rescheduled.

As a Southerner by berth, I believe April is a time for sun and no humidity. I am, unfortunately, a Northerner these days. That means that this April has been a time when it is somehow still cold despite what common decency demands. But it doesn’t even take snow, some schools are pulling the plug due to rain.

Below is a list of spring games affected by weather we’ll update as more schools call their games off or move things around.


Citing thunderstorms expected to pound the midwest, these schools have called their games off on the weekend of April 14th.

Rescheduled, or otherwise affected by the weather

West Virginia nixed its game due to the threat of snow last weekend.

But it’s not just above the Mason-Dixon where weather has been strange. Mother Nature affected the first big wave of spring games on the weekend of April 7 too. Ole Miss’ game in particular was colder than any regular season home game was last season.

A lot of this has to do with player safety. A team definitely doesn’t want a torn ACL in a spring game, and weather might make footing slippery.

There’s no real harm in cancelling spring games other than the fact that the inconsequential scrimmages are really fun days for fans who don’t otherwise get to go to games in the fall. But it’s a lot more fun to be warm and dry.

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