Tunisia holidays: Are they really safe? Latest travel update for 2018 British holiday

Tunisia was one of the most popular holiday destinations that Britons flocked to every summer with good weather and cheap travel guaranteed.

Yet after the 2015 Sousse beach attack which killed 38 tourists, 30 of which were British, flights to the country were paused.

It was announced last year that UK travel provider TUI was introducing their first flights this year between Britain and Tunisia to start this week, following on from Thomas Cook.

An increase in security measures from the Tunisian government to prevent further attacks was also announced to help tourism recover.

But is Tunisia safe for British holidaymakers this year?

Flights resumed earlier this year with Thomas Cook sending the first plane in February.

Tourism in the country has increased by 23 per cent this quarter, according to Hotelier Middle East.

Tunisia’s tourism ministry said in a statement: “Revenues rose by 23 per cent from 371 million dinars ($153 million) in the first three months of 2017 to 457 million dinars ($188 million) in the first three months of 2018.”

Despite this, there are still a number of warnings from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and a state of emergency is still in place.

It was extended in March for another seven months.

Tunisian authorities stated on March 12: “Following consultations with Prime Minister Yusuf Al-Shahid and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Nasser, President Beji Caid Essebsi has decided to extend the state of emergency for seven more months.”

FCO still advise that “terrorists are still very likely to try to carry out attacks in Tunisia”.

However it does confirm: “The Tunisian government has improved protective security in major cities and tourist resorts.”

Travel to the Chaqmbi Mountains National Park and the designated military operations zones of Mount Salloum, Mount Sammamma and Mount Mghila, the militarised zone south of the towns of El Borma and Dhehiba, the Libya border and the town of Ben Guerdane and immediate surrounding area is advised against.

With the promise of cheaper holidays, Britons are flocking to Tunisia this year along with Turkey and Egypt, two other destinations that were once advised against travelling to.

TravelSupermarket found that Turkey is becoming one of the top holiday destinations choices for 2018.

Spain, the most popular country for British travellers, is starting to fall in interest.

With the three-year hiatus for Tunisia holiday packages coming to an end, it is starting to pick up again with those looking for an affordable break.

British travellers are advised to check the travel advice for wherever they are travelling this year as it can change very quickly.

Have you checked your holiday this year and is your 2018 holiday really safe?

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