These are the best destinations for women travelling solo

Solo travel is in the rise and statistics show that women are well and truly leading the way.

According to Ampersand Travel, women account for 67 per cent of solo travellers and Google searches for the phrase “solo female travel” hit an all-time peak of 100 million searches last year.

Not to mention, Pinterest has also noted a 350 per cent increase in women pinning solo travel ideas since 2014.

But where are the best destinations for adventure hungry women to venture to? Ampersand Travel has developed the Wander Women Index to find out.

The index ranks countries from all over the world on a variety of factors in order to assess where in the world is best for solo travel for women.

They’ve looked at factors like included safety, women’s rights, culture, scenery, adventure, and ‘Instagrammability’ – all factors that women claimed were important to them when they were considering travelling alone.

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Unsurprisingly, Japan comes out on top, thanks to low crime levels, and an extensive range of beautiful natural wonders like Mount Fuji, the Takachiho Gorge, and Jigokudani (Hell Valley).

Our other popular destinations of IndonesiaThailand and China also all ranked highly, taking the 5th, 13th and 19thspots respectively.

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Here’s the top ten:


Check out the full list here.

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