Space Travel – The Second Ultimate Deception!

Space Travel - The Second Ultimate Deception!

Alex, the Conspiracy Music Guru, joins the guys today to debut his brand new song and video!
I Don’t Wanna Talk About NASA!

We also debunk Neil deGrasse Tyson’s latest fraud packed interview and many other space fantasies.
Show Links & Notes:
Chris Brown tells 42 MILLION People to “STOP BELIEVING NASA”

The Reading Caboose with George Carlin

Neil deGrasse Tyson Proves the Earth is Round (LOL!)
Time Index: 2:20 You should test it regardless of how obvious it is
NDT describes Eratosthenes experiment incorrectly: Time index 4:30
Time index 5:10 – NDT admits Eratosthenes experiment verifies bot ball and flat TI 5:15 sticks foot in mouth.
Measuring the Earth this (Southern) Christmas
Time index 3:25 – The only thing that makes a perfectly circular shadow:
My Path to the Flat Earth – Karen B – 3 Month Star positions.

It seems even the mainstream doesn’t know how Eratosthenes did his experiment. – Eclipse shadow on Moon
NDT circumnavigation fallacy 6:25
TI:5:40 – Ships over horizon fallacy
TI 7:00 System that trains you how to think
TI 17:20 Guy doesn’t know how fast earth goes and is a science channel trying to sell science
Vacuum: – Wolfie ‘debunk’
Note: Tires that are being recycled are frozen first to make them brittle so they will shatter easily.
Wolfie did not freeze his tires so he did not replicate the conditions of space.
-100C = -148 F – A Full 300 degrees warmer than outer space.

RR Tank Cars are made of 7/16” steel
5000 PSI storage tanks made from 3/8” steel
RR Car, Steel drum, etc. all crush at LESS THAN 14.7 PSI which leaves very little likelihood that the ISS, car tires, or space suits would be able to withstand the true pressure differential.
The 2,000-year-old Greek ‘super computer’ used to predict eclipses decades in advance
24 Antarctic Sun debunked

The “nORB Theory”




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