Revealed: How exciting your football team has been to support since 1958 – where does your club rank?

It’s no secret that supporting a football team can be an emotionally draining business, and the extent to which these feelings are felt is often to the complete bafflement of non-football fans.

A recent study by the University of Sussex found that football fans were more negatively affected by a loss than positively affected by a win, leading to headlines that claimed supporting football makes you ‘less happy’.

Not all clubs give their fans equal cause for excitement, however, with many treading water in the same league for years on end. We decided to find out which clubs from the top four divisions are historically the most (and least) exciting to support – you can find how your club fares in the search tool below.

Using 60 years of results from the top four leagues, as well as the FA Cup, we looked at factors including promotions, titles, relegations (excitement cuts both ways), goals per game, win percentages and cup runs to come up with an Excitement Index by which to judge a season.

Which teams are most (and least) exciting?

With 16 league titles since 1958, the club that has treated its fans to the highest level of excitement over the years was – perhaps unsurprisingly – found to be Manchester United.

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