A whole new dumb creativity called sunburn art made dermatologists worried enough. This trend has made experts cringe.

Sunburn is never pleasant. Everyone knows it takes lot of patience and pain bearing potential to get a perfect tan. Most importantly, it causes CANCER.

But somehow, such a dangerous and hilarious trend has gone viral this summer.

People are using stencils or any other way to cover some part of body, in short, creative sunblock to create a temporary burnt mark on skin. It can be called a DIY tan tattoo!

Dermatologists are strictly prohibiting this self harming artwork. Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, senior vice president of Skin Care Foundation thinks people are underestimating the damage of sunburn.

The UV rays in the sunlight is hazardous for human. It causes damage to the DNA of skin cells. So the changes occurring in these DNA tend to get cancerous. Sunburn also influence aging by accelerating it.

American Cancer Society told that sunburn can increase Melanoma risk by 80% and explained the mechanism how ultraviolet ray can cause cancer.

NY dermatologist Elizabeth Hale also said that five sunburns at any time of life doubles risk for Melanoma.

Melanoma is the most deadly form of cancer. Data shows that more than 65 thousand Americans were exposed to Melanoma among which 9000 died only in the year of 2011. U.S National Cancer Institute reported this life threatening disease took 10, 000 lives this year.

The sunburn trend is getting popular in social media like Facebook and Twitter. #SunburnArt hashtags are being seen here and there in the web. But if this trend goes more viral and people start trying to outdo each other, it can really result in a disaster.

Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer for American Cancer Society, warned that any competitive trend decrease awareness of that risk factor or behavior. So it’s essential not to get this trend accepted socially. Len thinks that it’s the spirit of youth that distract young generation from knowing the harmful effects.

Doctors always recommend people to wear at least SPF 30 sunblock while on outing. They also prefer not taking sunbath during peak sun periods.

Doctors also say there is no existence of ‘healthy tan’. Tan or sunburn is always harmful.

Experts recommend teens to get some alternative way of showing creativity. Even, this artwork can be done by spray tan while it is safe enough until you don’t inhale it.