President Trump hosts Indiana rally

President Trump is traveling to Elkhart, Indiana, to embrace Mike Braun, the businessman and former state representative who won Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary in Indiana, and to tout his own tax record.

His strongest selling point is likely to be the tax bill.

RV manufacturer Winnebago was among the companies to hand employees $1,000 bonus checks this year.

“The tax reform was great,” said Scott Degnan, the vice president and general manager at Winnebago.

“It’s allowing us to be a little bit more benevolent and allowing us to be involved in more giving.”

At the same time, RV manufacturers could be among the casualties of a trade war triggered by Trump’s decision to impose steep tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from China. Those tariffs “could and likely will present some pressure,” Degnan said, adding that “overall, we think we’ll get through it fine.”

At least one thing is certain: Presidents will continue visiting Elkhart due to its unique status as a laboratory for the overall economy for the next generation due to the “breathtakingly high risk” that automation poses to the RV industry, said Michael Hicks, an economics professor at northeastern Indiana’s Ball State University.

“Every president’s going to be coming to Elkhart for he next 15, 20 years,” he said.

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