PHOTOS: How Friday's Land Day protests unfolded in Gaza

Thousands of people participated in the ‘Great March of Return’ demonstration on Friday (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

Gaza Strip – Undeterred by the threat of live ammunition and teargas, thousands of Palestinians flocked to Gaza’s border, as part of the annual Land Day demonstrations.

Israeli security forces killed at least 15 Palestinians who took part in Friday’s protest, and injured hundreds, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.   

The Land Day protests mark the deaths of six Palestinian citizens by Israeli troops in 1976 during a demonstration against land confiscations. 

In the Gaza Strip, where 1.3 million of the small territory’s two million inhabitants are refugees, protest organisers called for six weeks of demonstrations – dubbed as the “Great March of Return” – along the besieged Palestinian enclave and Israel.

The protest started on Friday and plans to conclude on 15 May for Nakba Day. 

Middle East Eye’s Mohammed Asad was on the ground taking pictures and bearing witness to the first day of the protest. Here are some of the images he took as Palestinians plan to continue marching for the next several weeks. 

Israeli army bulldozers build sand screens to stop Palestinian protestors entering southern Israel (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

Snipers from the Israeli army on the Gaza border on Land day. Earlier reports indicated that 100 Israeli snipers were due to be deployed along the border (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

Protesters from all walks of life participated in the demonstration. Aided by her daughter, an elderly woman came from the hospital to march to the border (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

Many parents who took park in the Land Day demonstration brought their children (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

Palestinian men brewed tea and coffee as protesters gathered for Land Day protests (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

A Palestinian artist set up a tent to display his work depicting his disapproval of US policy towards Gaza (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

Thousands of protesters participated in Friday’s march to commemorate Land Day (MEE/Mohammed Asad)


A Palestinian boy was wounded by Iive ammunition fired by Israeli soldiers east of Gaza City (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

Thousands in Gaza perform Friday prayers on Land Day (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

Demonstrators help evacuate a Palestinian man wounded by live rounds fired by Israeli forces (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

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