New Technology That Proves We Are In The Future 2016 #23 | Minds Eye Design

New Technology That Proves We Are In The Future 2016 #23 | Minds Eye Design

Some of the latest cool new technologies and inventions for 2016 we absolutely love.

New Technology That Proves We Are In The Future 2016 #23
In 2016, new technologies, gadgets and inventions will hit the market in the artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, smartphones and 3D that could pave the way for a major shift in future society.

Featured Technology
00:08 Kaleidoscope leveraged knowledge from the consumer goods and emerging technology markets to create an innovative Orange Solar Tent product design concept. The annual Glastonbury music festival draws crowds from around the world to celebrate performing arts, the great outdoors and worthy causes. To address the on-site power needs of Glastonbury’s eco-conscious campers, Kaleidoscope teamed up with Orange—one of the world’s leading telecommunication providers.

Orange Solar Tent

01:34 XTI Aircraft TRIFAN 600 – Aviation enthusiasts have been dreaming about an airplane like the TriFan 600 for over 100 years. XTI is about to place all of us on the doorstep of a new era of flight.

TriFan 600

02:40 EROVR is a multi-purpose folding cart-wagon system, capable to transform into a mover’s dolly, handtruck, flat cart, handcart, kids wagon, beach wagon, utility wagon and much more. Find out today about EROVR and its revolutionary capabilities at

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