New plane could revolutionize air travel

NASA is building a new plane that will send passengers through the air faster than the speed of sound.

The goal of NASA’s X-plane is to make softer-sounding sonic thumps that don’t bother anyone as much and to get travelers to their destination at an unprecedented rate.
Nils Larson, a NASA test pilot, said the X-plane will allow travelers to get to New York in half the time.

Last summer, NASA flew a military plane that intentionally created sonic booms over Brevard County. The booms led to a new $250 million research plane.

Sonic booms are the reason why trips are not able to be cut in half, as people would have to fly faster than the speed of sound. The only way to expedite the travel time is to eliminate the boom.

NASA will be further testing, flying over “medium-size cities, large cities, urban areas, small towns” to build a passenger plane that will not make sonic booms.

“People enjoying affordable supersonic flights in the future could say April 3, 2018 was the day it all began,” said Dr. Jaiwon Shin, of NASA.

NASA said it will take three years to build the X-plane.

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