#MeToo: Hollywood star Rose McGowan stands with Pakistani actress Meesha Shafi

Shafi indirectly thanks the American actress.

A leading Pakistani actress Meesha Shafi who accused singer Ali Zafar of sexual harassment on Thursday, has received support from #MeToo campaigner Rose McGowan.

Extending her support to Shafi, the Hollywood actress wrote on Twitter: ‘A heroine for our times. I stand with Meesha Shafi’. McGowan was the first to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and since many women across the world have come forward to tell their stories giving momentum to the #MeToo movement.

After Shafi’s revelation of how she had been sexually harassed by the popular singer – it has sparked wide outrage in Pakistan and several other celebrities there have since voiced their experiences as well. Acknowledging McGowan’s support, Shafi indirectly thanked her as well, Pakistan’s The Express Tribune reported.

Shafi has acted in films such as ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ and has stated that the pop star subjected her to ‘harassment of a physical nature’.

Countering Shafi’s accusations, Zafar tweeted that he ‘categorically’ denies the claims and will take legal action.

While recounting her experience, Shafi had tweeted that there are ‘some issues that are very difficult to speak about as a woman, especially sexual harassment’. Further she wrote that she had suffered sexual harassment from Zafar ‘on more than one occasion’, describing it as ‘an extremely traumatic experience’.

Zafar has won multiple awards for his music and starred in a few Bollywood films.

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