Christine Evangelista Raves About 'Arrangement' Co-Star Josh Henderson

“He’s so good looking — it’s so annoying,” Evangelista joked to THR.

The Arrangement’s Christine Evangelista sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss her on-screen chemistry with Kyle West himself, Josh Henderson, and why things are about to get darker on the second season.

“God he’s so good looking — it’s so annoying,” the actress joked about her on-screen love interest. Speaking about how she met Henderson, she revealed it was very similar to how Kyle and Megan Morrison first met on the show.

“If you watch the pilot, there’s a scene where Megan walks in and she meets Kyle. They do this whole thing and that’s exactly how I met Josh,” Evangelista told THR. “He got the job before I did so I’m on the screen tests and I walk in and we meet and everyone in the room was really nervous to see how we interacted with each other. Could we have chemistry?”

Clearly they did and the chemistry between their characters on the E! drama is undeniable, even through their unusual circumstances.

“There has to be love, that’s what keeps it going,” Evangelista said. “I think they’re both very flawed characters and that’s also something that bonds the two of them in this heightened situation, under this contract with all these other external forces around them. That’s what really keeps it going.”

The actress also spoke on where the rest of season two is headed and spoiler alert: it gets darker.

“I know people say this all the time, ‘It gets darker.’ This really does and it goes to a place where I was surprised even,” she explained. “[Megan’s] really leading with her mind this season and last season she was really leading with her heart. I think that a lot of the agendas with all of the characters are revealed. Everyone really does have their own motives and a lot of that comes to the surface now. Who could be trusted. It’s very tricky.” 

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